Dedicated to: Antiracism Now!

A community of healers and healthcare professionals dedicated to the promotion and progress of dismantling racism in the healthcare community.

This Community is for YOU if:

 You're A Black Doctor, Nurse, NP, PA, or Traditional Healer seeking a space for healing, connection, and growth.

Exhausted with coping with racism, sexism, homophobia, transmisogyny, and other forces of oppression at your institution.

➤Seeking a place to share joy and freedom with fellow black healers.

➤You're ready for change and healing, and alignment with like-minded professionals.

Join A Movement

We are Black Women striving to achieve excellence and promote awareness in communities where representation is lacking and more voices need to be heard. Our professional alliances will be used to strengthen and support those without the ability to do so and build a solid foundation of networks that allows all people, no matter their race, or identity to stand and be heard.

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